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5 ways digital transformation impacts the industry

The role of digital technology is rapidly changing. In the past it was only a driver of marginal efficiency, today it is a facilitator for innovation and disruption. Digitalization causes far-reaching transformations across various aspects of business, enabling new opportunities for value creation and at the same time forming important risks. Companies across all industries […]

Is your business a digital enterprise?

The long-term challenge for businesses today is to remain relevant to digital customers. Therefore, digital technology must be at the core of what companies are doing. Companies that have successfully implemented a digital transformation, prove to be more competitive, agile and innovative. Becoming a digital enterprise requires a new way of looking at all your […]

Convert everything to PDF/A? Including PDF files?

In recent years, as the need for Long Term Archiving and Long Term Preservation of “Digital Born” information has increased, so has the call for a universal archiving format been increasing. The idea behind this is to have a file format that allows you to permanently store and read information without any loss of information. […]