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GDPR: What exactly is being understood as ‘personal data’?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects personal data within the European Union. It is applicable to all data in both paper and digital documents, that can be used to identify a person. But what is exactly being understood as ‘personal data’? Are IP addresses personal data? And is encrypted data also considered as personal? […]

Digital Mailroom at Federale Verzekering

Smarter processes, better services Federale Verzekering saves time with digital transformation There are few sectors which use as much paper as the insurance sector, mostly due to legal requirements. “That was the case at Federale Verekering too, until recently”, Olivier Halflants agrees. As the managing director of ‘Non-Life’, he is responsible for the non-life insurances. […]

Why companies must embrace digital transformation right now

The digital revolution is unstoppable. For companies, it gives rise to new challenges and opportunities. To respond to the increasingly demanding expectations of customers, partners and employees, companies should embrace digital transformation. De digital revolution is happening right now. Online shopping, e-banking, electronic payments are all established concepts. Camera’s, phones, televisions, … what once was […]

e-Archiving with the Belgian Digital Act

Since 2014, the European Union approved some regulations to stimulate a more homogenous framework for digital information management. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR – EU 2016/679) and eIDAS regulation  (EU 910/2014) will impact and promote digital business and administrative processes. Every organization in Europe that has to deal with it, is looking for compliancy. […]

Don’t look at eIDAS and GDPR as a threat, but as an opportunity!

Since a dozen of years, personal data regulation is one of the focus points of the European legal authorities. The first directive from 1995 did not give the appropriate answer for the growing concern of EU citizens. The transposition of the directive into national law was a complicated procedure which lead to divergences in transpositions […]

The biggest eIDAS opportunity is called digital transformation

The eIDAS regulation is the ultimate chance for the digital transformation of your organization. It enables the creation of legal documents with a qualified digital seal. In addition, the eIDAS regulation stipulates there is no legal difference between a document on paper or in electronic version. These principles pave the way for real paperless business […]

Invoice Management at Jan Yperman

JAN YPERMAN HOSPITAL STREAMLINES SUPPLIER INVOICING USING INVOICE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION AND ACHIEVES ANNUAL SAVINGS OF 20% The Jan Yperman Hospital in Ieper is a modern facility focussed on improving the efficiency of their services at all levels. The analysis of their supplier invoicing system brought several problems to the fore; those were turned into opportunities […]

Mailroom Automation at P&V Group

Belgian insurer P&V Group commits to banning physical distribution of mail as early as 2018 The P&V Group (P&V, Vivium and Actel) offers a wide range of insurance solutions to private persons, self-employed individuals, companies and organizations. The many products and services are distributed through an extensive network of exclusive advisors and independent brokers who […]

Does the General Data Protection Regulation apply to paper data?

Do you know the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Well, you should! In short, the GPDR (EU 2016/679) is a regulation by which the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council aim to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the European Union. It also addresses the export of personal data outside […]

Digital Archiving at CMA CGM

Digital archiving and document sharing solution for a better and more efficient work environment. 428 CMA-CGM ships steam on 170 shipping lines to 400 different ports worldwide. With 18.000 employees in 150 countries, distributed across 650 agencies, CMA-CGM is a major player in the commercial shipping business. Antwerp is an important center of activity for […]

Documentum upgrade at Crelan

Collaboration so that critical ECM systems do not become ‘critical’ Crelan and Docbyte quickly upgraded Documentum. Crelan is a cooperative bank with more than 288,000 customers that are part-owners. As a cooperative bank, Crelan wants to approach things differently by being in close contact with its customers. This means the institution continually strives to have […]

Application Retirement at AZ Alma

Application Retirement assures system-independent conservation of vital patient information and saves time and budget. AZ Alma is a private consolidated hospital with more than 500 beds on campuses in Sijsele and Eeklo. As in every modern hospital, the necessary patient information (in digital form and otherwise) is expanding – information that is of vital importance […]